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you told me earlier in the week, it was very difficult to watch the players play as opposed to being able to hit the shots as you did in your career. what was it like to go through this experience? >> it'seen a tough week. nothing went our way. we struggled on the greens and you know, this morning, i felt a little change in that regard. we started to make it feel. the americans started to miss them and winning those few matches, that was key and you know, as you said, i've been under pressure hitting shots, but today tops that. >> congratulations. dan, the winning european ryder cup captain. >> europe went 0 for 13 on american soil. this is europe's fourth win in the last seven matches. its largest singles win in the united states.
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an amazing performance by europe, which retains the cup. if you missed any of today's action, you can get caught up today on golf channel. sunday night football is next. giants and eagles. football night in america live from philadelphia at 7:00 eastern time. so long from medinah, amazing comeback by europe.
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>> you're watching wbal tv 11. live, local, late-breaking. this is 11 news at 6:00 p.m. >> good evening, i'm deborah weiner. the baltimore orioles one step closer to the playoffs. camden yards is packed this afternoon as the o's topped the red sox and were lucky to miss the rain. reporter barry simms has been talking to people about the big game but let's go to pete. >> it's turned cold and kind of chilly and rainey at camden yards but earlier on j.j. hardy bobblehead day the sun was out, more than 41,000 fans were here as they watched the orioles sweep the red sox. and for their final home regular season game, it was something special, indeed. and j.j. hardy on his bobblehead day, he delivered absolutely very well, from the
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field of play as well. at the bat, there he goes. he was handing out bobble heads himself in the pregame and he's not done peddling souvenirs. 4-0, orioles. bottom five, chris davis, fourth straight game going yard. another towering blow, 31st of the season. he described being dialed in. it feels really, really good. jim johnson finishes the greatest closer season in orioles history and gets his 50th save. started keeping track in saves since 1969 and is the 10th ever to get 50. help make j.j. hardy bobblehead day here one fans here never forget. >> it was a good day, and we could celebrate with the fans a little bit but, you know, we've got to move forward. >> we know we've got to take care of our business and can't worry about the other teams. if they lose, great, but we know we've got to win. >> they, however, were unable
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to clinch a postseason berth as of yet. the angels had a dramatic rally where the players and fans watched tv together. later in sports we'll talk about that but right now let's head outside camden yards where barry spent time with the fans. >> what a game, pete. plenty of fans here, orioles fans, very excited about the victory over the boston red sox. [no audio] >> we afollow guise. reobviously lost barry simms but first let's go to john collins because we said the rain was moving in. what's going on now? >> it's gone across the area here at tv hill. it's not an impressive number, .50 inch of rain but came down quickly. we'll look at our h.d. doppler radar and covers cecil county and hartford and baltimore county, a part of carroll county and baltimore county and carroll county getting
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significant rain just northeast from towson towards the bay, southeastern, there's an area of intense rain and more scattered stuff to the west, parts of montgomery county and frederick county as well and is moving to the east so we could see a few showers this evening but a bigger rain is on the way for sometime early next week and we'll detail that with the weather forecast in a few minutes. >> and now to the race for the white house. we're a few days away from the first debate between barack obama and mitt romney. both candidates are looking for a tense face-to-face showdown and we get the latest -- latest from brian mooar. >> after going to church, mitt romney hunkered down for the first dress rehearsal of the presidential debate. it's an important opportunity to reboot his campaign and reintroduce himself to the american people. >> i think debates matter
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psychologically to the country and are the most viewed single event in the campaign and i think it's always a burden on the challenger, it isn't about romney but about the challenger. >> and about both campaigns looking for a knockout punch. >> come thursday morning the narrative of this race will change. >> the narrative now is president obama has a lead in all nine of the key battleground states and romney is trying to get back on message. >> we've had some missteps but at the end of the day, the choice is really clear, and we're giving people a very clear choice. >> president obama headed to nevada to polish his performance before the big showdown. >> he's not worried about zingers and lines. he's got time with the american people to explain to him his case for re-election. >> and the first debate will give voters a chance to size up both candidates on the same stage for the first time. brian mooar, wbal-tv 11 news. >> coming up, a villeage treasure up in smoke and now getting ready to reopen. straight ahead, an update as
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the mount washington tavern is making its big comeback. plus, helping a local teacher who undergoes a triple amputation and the students are determined to get their teacher back in the classroom.
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>> nearly one year after the huge fire destroyed the mount washington tavern, they're getting ready to reopen. today in an effort to reintroduce themselves to the neighborhood, the owners and staff were out selling oysters and beer and wine at the mount washington village block party. >> we are really excited because it's going to bring another life back to the village that we haven't had in a while since the thing closed and it will be -- the nice part is one year to the date almost of the closing is reopening. >> the newly renovated tavern
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is on schedule to reopen november 1. a silent auction today to help a beloved teacher get back on the road. you may remember mrs. m from cathedral of marioch, queens and had to have an amputation and is learning to use the new prosthetics but to get to work she needs to outfit her car with special equipment and learn to drive it. the auction today was to help the teacher adapt her car. mrs. m was at the auction and tells us she passed a driving test on friday. >> i've passed the test on friday and there is a little pressure because the instructor said no one failed the test after he had given instructions. >> i wanted other people to have her as a teacher, so that's why i started this event. she can be independent and drive again to school. >> the student organizers hoped to raise $52,000.
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much more on the orioles' win this afternoon ahead. first a look at the forecast. john? >> a little bit of rain right now at this area here, a lot of rain coming up. the weather plus forecast is just ahead.
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>> now your weather with meteorologist john collins. >> first a look in close at the radar, just around our area of
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the circle of baltimore and the beltway, had showers move quickly across, a little thunder in there every once in a while. we've had only .05 inch of rain. and that's from the little yellow areas, these spots you see come in. but again, moves along at a pretty good pace so the rains are now ending out in carroll county but concentrated over baltimore county and hartford and a bit of cecil county but moving out of the city itself. there's a little more to the west, a little bit of shower activity as well. widen the rue of -- view of the radar and you see a small piece of the action, to so to speak, the smaller edge centered over new england. you see the rotation there. to the moisture to the south. that's the next moisture coming in and a lot of tropical moisture. speaking of tropical moisture, a couple years ago, 2010 on this date, record rain at b.w.i. with six inches out of tropical storm nicole and covered in that was a tornado
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near pasadena. notable date, that's a lot of rain to get in one day. today, 73 was the high. 51 the low early this morning, typical 72 and 52. so just about on target as far as the temperatures are concerned. nowhere near the records, and our temperatures have fallen considerably from us north where the rain fell, 63 at b.w.i. marshall, downtown 64, 67 elkton but 65 at westminister and frederick. that's with the rain. you see the darker green shades. this is where the rain has been falling and is down in the 40's in far western maryland. here's what the map looks like this evening. the little disturbance passing over us right now. a minor thing. it's more of an issue in new england. but here's the gathering storm to the south. all this moisture will be coming up in our direction. and that means we get wet. you see the motion on the satellite radar combination, the one upper air storm spinning over around new england. there's not a lot of moisture for that to work with except in new england where they're
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drying off the ocean. but where we're concerned we're limited. the gulf is wide open and all the moisture will be drawn into this storm and eventually pulled up our way so there's wet weather on the way and today is the least of it. 46-52 overnight. the evening showers will end with clearing towards daybreak and the winds overnight will be calm and insta-weather futurecast shows the rain pretty limited, pulling out of the area with the clearing skies. during the day tomorrow, not a bad day. during the day we'll see an increase in clouds, more in the morning and clouds in the afternoon and by evening, after dark, rain shower chances begin to increase. 70-74 the high, similar today, variable winds at 2-7 miles an hour and boaters on the bay can expect a one-foot chop on the bay at five knots and you see clouds coming in tomorrow and rain chances tomorrow night and especially on tuesday when we start getting more significant rains out of this system. and then once we get past tuesday, wednesday looks just fine. so our insta-weather plus
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seven-day forecast is a wet start to the week but after that we'll be in fairly decent shape, showers after dark monday with the most significant rains on tuesday, wednesday and thursday look dry. 70's to near 80. kind of cool tomorrow but in the mid 70's tuesday during the rain, 80 wednesday, near 80 thursday, more rain chances late friday into saturday but looks like minor stuff. >> thank you. last game of the regular season at the yard. the o's go out with a bang before a lot of scoreboard watching. hey, pete. >> coming to you live from the orioles dugout at camden yards. a look at the hunt for the postseason and a shared moment with their fans after today's
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and those well grounded. for what's around this corner... and the next. there's cash flow options from pnc. solutions to help businesses like yours accelerate receivables, manage payments, and help ensure access to credit. because we know how important cash flow is to reaching your goals. pnc bank. for the achiever in you.
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>> this is 11 sports.
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>> the orioles' potential playoff scenarios have more variables than an albert einstein journal entry. o's win and yankees win and a sweep of the red sox was completed today and they push their magic number to one with three games left to play all on the road. the playoffs no longer look like an if for the orioles, now looks more like a when and where. o's waste nod time getting the upper hand this afternoon. bottom of the first, nate mclouth, his third leadoff home run of the season and this on a spectacular sunday for baseball in baltimore. 1-0, o's. o's have more home thers month than any other american league team. third inning, j.j. hardy adding to that total, 47 and counting for the birds this month. 4-0, o's. bottom of the fifth, chris davis, who else? takes it low over the plate and puts it into the seats in right field. his 31st home run, 6-1, o's. top of the eighth, defense, matt wieters throws out dustin
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pedroia trying to get in scoringing. no can do for the red sox. and then give the ball to jim johnson in the ninth. you can shut the door on the win. johnson gets ryan lavarnway for the final out. 50th save of the season for johnson. the o's close out the regular season. the home schedule completing a sweep of the red sox 3-0 as the o's take it this afternoon at camden yards. and typical of this year's orioles club, the drama, the crowd, the players all lingered after the game. pete gilbert joins us live from the yard. i know you had to seek shelter but at least while the game and then the most game took place, still sunny down there. >> absolutely spectacular. the game was so fast, two hours and 19 minutes. they finished before the angels game did. had the angels lost the orioles would have clinched a postseason berth. everyone, the fans all stayed, the players were on the field watching the video board here at camden yards to wait and see what would happen. it was a shared moment. everyone hanging on one pitch
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to see if indeed this would be the moment they would clinch. however, tori hunt her a two r.b.i. double in the top of the ninth and they went on the field. jim johnson was tipping his cap to the fans for everyone sticking around. i tell you, it may have been a shared moment for this team and fans, it won't be tainted by a third party not getting the job done. >> they've been with us the whole year, so obviously they're going to be doing the same thing we were going to be doing in here so might as well stay out there and we would have hoped it would happen in front of them and obviously it didn't. we'll see. we'll watch the game on the plane and hopefully it will end. >> so three games left in the regular season. baltimore remains tied with the yankees for first place in the american league east. tampa, can't win the east. but the rays have a slight chance for the wild card and where the orioles next head to tampa for a three-game set monday, tuesday and wednesday. very happy to say i'll be down there with the team covering it
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to see if they indeed get the clinching spot. it could happen tonight if the angels still lose but may well win the american league east and wouldn't that be something? >> absolutely. it could also be a scenario in which the orioles have to play the yankees on thursday at camden yards to see who wins the american league east. like i said, a lot of variables in play in the week ahead for the orioles. after a weekend of rest, the ravens will turn their intention to their next opponent, the kansas city chiefs. k.c., no match for the san diego chargers today, losing 37-20. hope the ravens get conditions like they had today in kansas city. a beautiful afternoon. san diego philip rivers finds eddie royal for a four-yard touchdown connection. 7-0, san diego. second quarter, chiefs with a huge hole trailing 20-0. jamaal charles starts right and hits the reverse, gets the block from his quarterback matt cassel, kind of a block, enough of a block and springs him 37 yards for a touchdown, 20-7. chargers still in front. fourth quarter, chargers keeping k.c. from getting
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close. rivers to jackie battle, the former chief in the end zone for san diego. the bolts take it 37-20 over the chiefs. kansas city falls to 1-3. stay with us. john is back with your seven-day foreca
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>> the big rain day is tuesday. the rest of the stuff should be ok. >> right to the point. thanks for joining us. see you back here tonight at 11:00.
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>> this is a wbal tv 11 editorial with president and general manager. >> baltimore shows up on a lot of best and worst lists but the city was the toast of the town last sunday. and in a good way. in the mids of a lot of awards presented at the 64th annual primetime emmys, one of the biggest winners was baltimore on multiple fronts. it was a big night for baltimore productions, stars and even the jewelry designer, baltimore native julie bowen took another emmy home for best supporting actress for her role in "modern family." her introduction mentioned her baltimore childhood where love of acting began in the back yard with her sisters. in one of the strongest sweeps of the night the dock you drama "game change" won four award for acting, writing and direction, for a mini series competition. the comedy went to julia louie dreyfus for "veep."
6:58 pm
and thanks her crew in baltimore and will return next month for work on the emmy award-winning show. even the gift bags had a taste of baltimore with jewelry from a local design they're went to the stars in the celebrity gift lounge. there definitely was enough of charm city to go around.
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